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Successful Transition Back To In-classroom Learning

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Logistical concerns related the return to in-classroom learning can be daunting for schools. The sheer quantity of individuals returning to the confines of a building pose serious hurdles to staff and students.

KMOV4 follows up with Diocese of Belleville schools. Their network of 31 schools are nearly a month into in-person learning. Their mitigation efforts, which include masks, social distancing and miinehealth, are working.

Every morning, parents log onto the app and answer several questions related to possible symptoms or exposure and then take their child's temperature. All of the information is then available to school administrators in a database, allowing them to ensure only healthy students enter the building.

“The manual process each morning was hardest part initially because checking in several hundred or a thousand kids, is not going to be an easy thing, quite honestly, you couldn’t do it," Superintendent Jonathan Birdsong said. "So that’s where this really helped us.”

miinehealth has helped smooth out logistical concerns related to letting kids return to buildings safely. Watch the full story over at KMOV4.

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