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Comprehensive medical-grade COVID solutions for employers, schools and governments.

Built by doctors, miinehealth is an end-to-end solution for remote screening, at home COVID testing, quarantine management, contact tracing and telehealth support.


Developed by doctors in response to COVID-19, miinehealth is an organizational health safety framework. We make managing the health and safety of large groups simple and easy.

miinehealth is powered by justmiine, a physician-led software company. Our technology is built by doctors, bringing medical-grade smart technology to you. Use the power of remote healthcare for your organization.

miinehealth remote check ins to date:

Digital At-Home Health Checks

Daily at-home check-ins are quick and easy. Early, at-home identification stops exposure or contamination from getting into the workplace.


Each day, before leaving home, answer a few simple questions and add your temperature.


Immediate Results & Instructions

Get immediate results and clear instructions. If someone is healthy, they'll be cleared.


If someone has been exposed to COVID-19 or is showing symptoms, they'll be given instructions on what to do and how to keep friends, family, and coworkers safe.


Triage Hub: 

Quarantine Management

At-a-glance view of organizational health. One person can manage large populations who are sick, quarantined, or undergoing testing. Send a CoV-2 PCR test at the push of a button. Manage compliance and view cluster risk reporting.


Access Control & Reporting

​Control who should and shouldn't be on-site.

Easily generate workforce readiness and cluster analysis reports to drive decisions and to quickly understand an entire organization's health, at a safe distance. Integrate your security access points into our API. 


Contact Tracing

Quickly and anonymously notify at-risk coworkers. Flatten virus spread inside company walls. Track and monitor for clusters based on shift, function, or location.


Bluetooth enabled passive contact tracing. 

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Medical Support Services

Telehealth resources on-demand

For organizations that don’t have necessary available resources or who require additional support we can offer triage support, nursing support on call, or for escalated situations, we can involve our infectious disease experts.

Quarantine Management Support

Our team becomes an extension of yours to manage COVID related health issues. miinehealth medical professionals can engage with every individual who isn’t cleared due to symptoms or exposure. 

We’ll get impacted individuals into the proper care plan, so we get them back to healthy and clear them to return.

Infectious Disease Experts

miinehealth has a partnership with the largest Infectious Disease medical group in the country, Metro Infectious Disease Consultants.

We keep MIDC medical staff on-call for telehealth support, escalated cases, or positive test consults.

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