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Keeping track of large populations with miinehealth

A comprehensive COVID platform for employers and schools.

Built by doctors, miinehealth is an end-to-end solution for remote screening, quarantine, testing and vaccination records management, and in-platform secure chat.


Digital At-Home Health Checks

Daily at-home check-ins are quick and easy. Early, at-home identification stops exposure or contamination from getting into the workplace.


Each day, before leaving home, answer a few simple questions and add your temperature.

Proven technology used by companies and schools across fourteen states.


If you're using spreadsheets to manage and track the lists of employees or students that are vaccinated or awaiting vaccination, undergoing testing or out of work or school on quarantine, miinehealth can save you hours per day.

miinehealth remote check ins to date:

Triage Hub: 

Quarantine Management

At-a-glance view of organizational health. One person can manage large populations who are sick, quarantined, undergoing testing or awaiting vaccination.  Manage compliance and view cluster risk reporting.


Access Control & Reporting

​Control who should and shouldn't be on-site.

Easily generate workforce readiness and cluster analysis reports to drive decisions and to quickly understand an entire organization's health, at a safe distance. Integrate your security access points into our API. 


Clinical Support Services

For organizations that don’t have the necessary available resources  we can offer triage support, quarantine management, vaccination and testing confirmation in order to get your employees back to work.

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