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Comprehensive medical-grade COVID solutions for employers and schools.

Built by doctors, miinehealth is an end-to-end solution for remote screening, COVID testing, quarantine tracking, contact tracing, and telehealth support.

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Health Technology & Testing Solutions

miinehealth is the only company to offer a complete and comprehensive solution for COVID-19 through remote screening, physical testing, and quarantine management. 



Mitigate risks and health check every individual before they leave home. 

Quarantine Management

Manage the care, testing, and quarantine of thousands of people. 

COVID-19 At-Home Testing

FDA approved at-home SARS CoV-2 test kits

Telehealth COVID Support

Our team of medical professionals and infectious disease experts are available on-demand.
Doctor's Clinic

About Us

miinehealth is a subsidiary of justmiine, a doctor to patient telehealth and remote monitoring company.

justmiine is a medical technology company developed by doctors for doctors to provide remote patient care and monitoring. 

miinehealth was created for medical professionals in response to COVID-19 and we are authorized to provide our medical-grade software to employers, schools, and state/local governments as a solution to foster a healthy workplace through in-home digital health-checks, facility access, contact tracking, and daily reporting.

We've set out to improve healthcare outcomes. Employing healthcare professionals, medical assistants, nurses, and physician assistants along with a US-based technology team.

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